Our Story

Sisters Karen and Bridget, both Interior Designers, specialising in different areas - Bridget in paint and colour and Karen in curtaining, cleverly combined strengths to establish Furnishscene.

An interior design company with a focus on honest, approachable communication and timeless design, Furnishscene has been transforming interior spaces since 1999.

Drawing on industry contacts, Furnishscene collaborated with other designers around New Zealand, who are passionate about bringing all their knowledge together for a project, whether it be a large residential interior design or smaller window dressing project.

With strong supplier relationships and an amazing eye for sourcing unique fabrics and products, the team are passionate about 'good design' which transcends time and trends. 

In 2019 Furnishcene has evolved in to Design + Supply Co. Bridget, Karen and the D+SC team are opening their design studio for anyone to use. They know how much people love interiors and are fascinated at creating them. Interior design isn’t just for designers and every one of us wants to put our own mark on our home. They always get comments on the space they work in and are told how lucky they are to be in that environment all day, so they've decided to open that up for all of you to enjoy.

Design + Supply Co will endeavour to bring you interesting bits, that will ever evolve to keep things interesting and Karen will be floating to offer you sound curtaining advice and talk options. So come in and enjoy, whether you want to bring a friend, talk to us, or just be.                                                                    

We want to share how lucky we are, and make an inspiring place can get lost in.