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An advanced standard in exterior gold finishes, Porter's AquaGILD™ Exterior Gold creates a brilliant gold finish that is designed for use in architecture and landscape projects.

AquaGILD™ has endless applications combining creativity with versatility and functionality.

An ideal solution for both commercial and multi-residential projects, AquaGILD™ offers architects, designers and clients a contemporary aesthetic with durability and performance.

The gold pigment in AquaGILD™ is automotive grade, based on synthetically produced glass, which creates a glittering sparkle and brilliant optical characteristics, especially when compared to conventional pearlescent pigments. The glass based pigment in AquaGILD™ is tarnish resistant and offers other functional advantages such as excellent wether and humidity resistance.


High grade glass pigment creates brilliant optical characteristics.
Tarnish resistant pigments for excellent weather and humidity resistance.
Solvent free, water based technology for minimum impact on the environment and user health.
Available in two colour choices: Temple Gold or Imperial


Exterior. Designed for application to prefab concrete, cement render, prefabricated building panel systems, metal architectural panels, building facades and public art installations. Suitable for decorative exterior elements such as mouldings for building facias and wrought iron finials.

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